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Secure Digital India

We at Crypto Forensic Technology, Committed to provides Cyber Security Services and Cyber Forensic Services  to Law Enforcements Agencies, IT/ITES Companies, MSME, and individuals. 


Case Confidentiality

We are bound legally and ethically to make your case details top secret.

Case Integrity

Our People, Process and Technology gives high level Integrity to your case.

Compliance Report

We provide report as per compliance requirements, by various agencies like RBI, Police etc.

24 X 7 Supports

Our dedicated team provides around the clock support for any Cyber Incidents.

High Tech Investigation

We used high tech technology like MI/AI, Data Science and modern Cyber Forensic/Cyber security Tools.

Certified Executives

Our team consist of certified and trained executives to work on fields and gives services to our clients.

What We Offer?

Major series of following services we proudly offers to our clients. All services executed by expert and efficient team members.   

Cyber Forensic Services
Digital forensics and incident response solution for businesses, Police Department and Other Law enforcements agencies.
Cyber Security Services
Threat hunting, detection, and response delivered by an expert team as a fully-managed service
Economic Offence Investigation
Tracing money trail, Corporate fraud,
Matrimony Fraud
Post & Pre Matromonial investegation, Proper litigation support services in divorce cases.
Techno Legal Consultant
Full litigation support services for cyber crimes in special cyber courts for compensation claims as well in regular courts.
Training and Placements
Educating current and future practitioners with knowledge & Skill through cyber security training.


We proves our strength by customer feedback from last 3 years. In 2021 we proudly display our key strength on various industries parameters.    
Crime Investigation 95%
Cyber Audit 56%
Malware Analysis 60%
Ethical Hacking 98%

We Have Worked With More Than 100 Brand Name Include These


Who We Are?

The Crypto Forensic Technologies (CFT) Was Formed To Provide Services And Education To Our Public And LEA For The Prevention And Investigation Of High Tech Cyber Crimes. As Such, We Are An Organization That Aspires To Help All Those In The High Technology Field By Providing Extensive Information, Reliable Services, Education, Collective Partnerships And Professional Management.

Don't Forget To Meet Our Team.

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Shrikant Ardhapurkar
Shrikant Ardhapurkar

Co-Founder & CEO

Indian Institute of Information Technology- Allahabad

Dr. Adv. Mahendra Limaye
Dr. Adv. Mahendra Limaye

Cyber Lawyer


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