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Crypto Forensic Technology, Committed to provides Cyber Security Services and Cyber Forensic Services  to Law Enforcements Agencies, IT/ITES Companies, MSME, and individuals. Having worked with high-profile clientele such as governments, politicians, multinational corporations, and celebrities.

Our service deliverables are quantifiable and provide significant value to our clients. Our business processes are unrivalled. We've hired the best team, which gives us a leg up on the competition when it comes to fixing challenges.

We have two hidden weapons: first, our team of experts is committed to achieving outcomes by any means necessary; and second, our tools provide us an advantage over anyone else attempting to solve identical problems. When you combine this with our ability to work at all types of data, you have a powerful force for results. With quickness and attention to technological improvement we want to be better at what we do for those who entrust us with their projects.

Shrikant Ardhapurkar
Shrikant Ardhapurkar

Co-Founder & CEO

Indian Institute of Information Technology- Allahabad

Dr. Adv. Mahendra Limaye
Dr. Adv. Mahendra Limaye

Cyber Lawyer


Mayank Gupta
Mayank Gupta


Legal Expert,

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