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IT Act 2000 Web Site Audit

      Under the Information Technology Act, 2000 the penalty for failure to protect databases and failure to maintain reasonable security practices by Corporate is upto Rs. 5 Crores where the jurisdiction lies before the Adjudicating Officer and above Rs. 5 Crores where the jurisdiction is before the High Court for each non-compliance.

  • What is IT Act 2000 Audit

    To host the or to do the business in Indian Cyber Space. Govt of India give clear guide line regarding website how web site look like and procedure to follow. The IT ACT 2000 check 150 parameters whether the website is inline with government guideline.
  • My Static Web Site required IT ACT 2000 Audit

    Yes, If you are doing business in Indian Cyber Space and guiding your business through web site, then you required to comply with IT ACT 2000 guide line.
  • What are the benefit of IT ACT 2000 Audit

    Many Benefit few are listed below
    1. let you know about existing malware or bugs in web site.
    2. Let you know about any copy right infringements by your web site
    3. you web site will never be black listed by NIC or Govt, of India or any other state Govt.
  • What are the Post Audit services offer by CFT

    After successful compliance, CFT will offer you badge at your website. We provide following support as per pre agreement with our clients. 
    1. Provide technical support to remove the bugs 
    2. Provide Legal support for any government action

  • A Part from Techno Legal Benefit How it is useful for my business

    Apart from Techno Legal benefit following are the direct benefit for your business. 
    1. SEO friendly and more visibility to public.
    2.  Trust increases in you website
    3. Get good rank in Google and other search engine.


We have a certified expert and experience consultant having 10+ years of experiences in Techno legal field. Our team successfully investigate various Cyber Crime with Law Enforcement Agencies.  

Ethical Hackers.
Technology Lawer
Advance Tools
Litigation support

How We Work?

Audit process start with Clients acceptances and defining scope of works, immediate after that we follows Audit life cycle starting with Customer awarness training to managed all cyber security related services. 

Service Features

We provides wide ranges of services to our clients from Cyber Security and Cyber Forensic fields.
  • Cyber Crime Investigations
  • Information Security Audit
  • RBI Compliance Audit
  • Cooperative Banks VAPT Audits
  • Software source Code Audits
  • Source Code Theft Investigation
  • Financial Fraud Investigation
  • Crypto Currency Fraud Investigation
  • Video, Audio Investigation
  • Social Media Fraud Investigation
  • Mobile Forensic Audit
  • Money Trail Audit
  • Anti Money Laundering Audit
  • Malware analysis Audit
  • ISO 27001 ISMS Audit